9 Apr 2010

Traffic Exchange

How to Quickly Get Tons Of Traffic to your sites using the best traffic exchange program and earn more money from any affiliate program

Best Traffic Exchange

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This is the best of traffic exchange site that delivers visitors since 2003 and has thousands of online surfers who actively surf everyday. No like other programs, they offer 1:1 exchange ratio so you can get fast result during surfing activity.

There are 5 levels (for free users) and 6 levels (for pro users) referral program. Not only you earn credits for your own surfing, you also get percentage of referrals surf. Most professional users use premium membership to get more benefits. Below are nice tips about how to take more benefits using the best traffic exchange on the world:
  • Promote Only Online Business Opportunities
    You must know why people using traffic exchange to attract visitors. So, it's not good idea if you offer something that surfers don't focus to that topic.
  • Surf Consistently
    The more credits you have, the more visitors you will get, and then the more money you will make.
  • Use The Splash Page
    Don't let them wait your page too long to be appeared. If you know there are only 20 seconds timer, you should use super light-weight page before the timer is over. The best way of tricking this is using Splash Page - that's is the HTML page with only shows attractive text or graphic advertising. Do not use full website that will be loaded too long.
  • Use Premium Membership
    Pro members take more benefits than free member. It's the good part of joining program. Premium users get 6 levels referral tree, more referral commission, the first priority in page surfed and affiliate payout, add unlimited links, get more free splash page to create for, faster surfing without banners, get more credits, discount of purchase, get random referrals, and more!

Join the best traffic exchange by visiting link below:

Best Traffic Exchange